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Easy Current and Final Grade Calculator

This easy and fun to use grade calculator will calculate your current grade, determine what you need to get in order to end up with a particular grade and also show your probability of getting your desired grade based on your current progress.
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  1. Grade Type

    Start by entering the category of your grade. This step is optional and is only meant as a reminder for you.

  2. Grade Value

    Enter your actual grade as a fraction or a percentage (e.g. 28/35 or 80). Your values will be automatically converted into percentages.

  3. Grade Worth

    Enter how much the grade is worth. Say your midterm is worth 20%, then you would enter 20. Or you may have 6 assignments worth a total of 10%, then you would enter 10/6.

  4. Add New Grade

    If you would like to add several grades, press on this button to display extra fields.

  5. Calculate Grade

    When all the grades have been entered, this button will calculate your current grade and how much you need to get on a final exam to get your desired grade.